Company law / Business law

We advise companies in all fields of contract law, assist contract negotiations, and design and implement contracts. If the project (both national and international) is complex and long-lasting, we offer an overall contract management.

We have a great deal of experience in accompanying a company's operative business from the development phase up to series production with the most different contract designs. We advise also during bids and contract award procedures.

We analyse applicable standards and policies as well as organizational structures and sequences, propose necessary improvements and, if needed, work out new concepts and structures.

We respond to questions relating to company law, help design restructuring processes and assist our clients in both designing and implementing mergers & acquisitions and joint ventures


Distribution law

We offer services in the fields of licence, marketing, franchise and commercial agent as well as authorized dealer contracts.

Labour law

A further focus of our services is labour law. We advise companies, executive organs, executives and employees. We provide advice and assistance for all necessary operational and interior measures to make your company more flexible or reaching state of the art including restructuring. We draft all kind of employment contracts to be concluded with executive organs, executives and ordinary employees but also contracts concerning the supply of temporary employees/workers.

Our primary objective is to avoid or to resolve any conflict. However, we will represent you, if necessary, during any proceeding of the industrial jurisdiction, so as to find an early and commercially favourable solution.

Civil law and other legal fields

The design of management and operator contracts for various purposes is also part of our business.


Real estates

Lately Berlin real estate agents notice an increasing demand for real estate properties in Berlin. Especially foreign investors, both individuals and entities seem to be highly interested in purchasing flats, lofts, office space or investment property in Germany's new capital, one of the most exciting cities in Europe.

Due to its location, Berlin is a crossroads between East and West. As the new and old German capital, Berlin offers a wide range of historical attractions, an exciting nightlife and a breathtaking diversity in art and culture. Therefore Berlin is more and more becoming a point of attraction to creative young people from all around the world.

Anyway Berlin still remains the most affordable Western European capital and offers an incomparable standard of living.

In addition to that Berlin also offers excellent conditions for doing business. Due to its location next to the new European Union member states, low costs and access to Europe's largest economy the German capital is an upcoming business location. Many investors from all around the world already have noticed that.

If you are interested in purchasing a flat or any other kind of real estate in Berlin our specialized lawyers can guide you through every aspect of your acquisition including tax matters. Our clients include both individuals and entities involved in the acquisition of all types of commercial and residential properties. Working with our partners, our clients receive a comprehensive legal and financial consultation as part of our all-inclusive package

Through our broad experience and understanding of our clients' needs and objectives, we can creatively structure transactions and find solutions to our clients' legal problems in the real estate arena.

Settlement of conflicts/negotiation/mediation/arbitration

We have very strong skills and good experience to assist our clients in avoiding conflicts and/or in settling conflicts.

We accompany or represent our clients during contract negotiations or any kind of challenging communication. Mediation as alternative dispute resolution model is also part of our specification. We will represent you also in any necessary arbitral or legal proceedings where we will use our specific know how and experience.