Our approach to legal consulting begins with your story. Listening, in our view, is the basis of understanding. Your queries are much too important to be handled in passing. In our office you will find an open door and a ready listener. You can count on us to handle your case with discretion as well as expertise.


Masche Kleinschmidt Rechtsanwälte is a law firm whose aim is to offer advice focusing on long-term and sustainable solutions. If you are in the right you shall have your rights. We are constantly improving our legal skills. We use the relevant literature and the experience that you provide us. People from a variety of professions have sat where you are sitting


Using the experience we gain by advising you and others, we are in a position to develop solutions tailored for each and every branch of the law. It goes without saying that every lawyer in our firm has a profound knowledge of two or more specific fields of law. However, we are diligent in learning from each other when improving our skills. We share our knowledge and thus become expert at solving more and more complex problems. The legal problems of everyday life rarely fit conveniently into specific fields of law. We too seek legal advice when a problem involves the special field of a colleague in our team. An inside look at our clients' businesses also helps us gain the professional skills that we use daily in everyday practice. We willingly share this fund of knowledge with you, our client, just as we pass it on to one another in lectures and articles.


We are advising especially industrial enterprises as well as small and medium companies.Typical branches are pharmacy, automotive, plastics- and metal processing, oil and gas exploration, civil engineering, optics, electronics and IT systems and trading. Our long-standing experience and special knowledge of national and international business lines play a decisive role in finding the best solution. Individual advice tailored to the needs of our clients is the central aim of our concept.


We are market-oriented and competitive. The size of our firm allows fast communication, which ensures short-term implementation of practice-oriented solutions. Our advice focuses on both the legal and economic aspects of an issue. Due to our long-standing and comprehensive experience, we are able to offer integral advice.